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Let your website earn you money!

This is your very own ad server. In addition to all the super cool functionality of HoopFigures, AdServer allows you to maximize revenue from your website by displaying your own ads throughout your site.

Earn way more than Google AdSense
Unless you have 200,000 unique visitors daily, AdSense, Yahoo and other ad servers are a waste of time. Selling just one ad space will earn you far more than those sites combined.

Selling ad space
With businesses paying large amounts of money for advertising, why not take advantage of your website to increase your revenue.

How it works
Charge your local businesses whatever you think is appropriate to advertise on your site, whether that be $10/month, $30/month, whatever. Then purchase ad space from HoopFigures AdServer at $1/month per ad. Basically 100% profit for displaying ads on your website.

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Show Your Own Ads

Upload your own ads. Whether you want to advertise a tournament coming up, notify players of certain rules changes, market for the up-coming season, etc. etc... Show ads and hide ads at anytime.

Custom Ad Creation
Have professional ads created by HoopFigures. Pricing varies depending on the complexity of the ad created.
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