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Versatile vs Teflon Hoopz (HoopIBL) 9.18.2022
GAME RECAP: Versatile vs Teflon Hoopz (HoopIBL) 9.18.2022

Offense wins games... Defense wins championships.
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HoopFigures Top 25 Recap [Pro Level] Sept. 12, 2022
Coming down the stretch and with a lot of teams already done with their seasons, the question becomes, can teams hold on to their spots and remain in the top 25 until the end of the quarter??
IBL Hustlers Rebuilt Entire Roster
And after finishing 4-3 and barely losing to nationally ranked #HfTop100 No. 11 Cali Rhockits, the Hustlers add Tony Brooks, DeJohn Barlow, Dezahn Otis, William Campbell, Darian Nickols.
Hf National Top 25 Recap 9.5.2022 [All-Star]
#HfTop100 No. 1 GSU has been atop the national rankings the entire quarter. Can any team catch them???
Top Tech Magazine To Interview HoopFigures Founder
Shameless, I know. lol But HoopFigures has been 8 years of hard work and grinding. I work haaaaaard, man! So to be recognized is beautiful.

The crazy thing is, I'm 8 years in and this is just the beginning. Like literally, the very start. I haven't even done a national launch yet!

So to all leagues out there, together we are going bring awareness to your league and put the big corps on notice. The goal is to have every league fully sponsored!
Mandemic tops two nationally ranked teams to win OG35 championship!
We have a shocker coming out of Kentucky. Unranked Mandemic has just won the Griff League Championship knocking off 2 nationally ranked teams in the process. But let's be fair, Mandemic came into the weekend just outside the national Top 25 rankings as the 27th team in the country.

Full recap on Griff League website
Can LPU's Cinderella run continue in the IBL
It's championship week in California for the IBL. And team LPU makes has made an improbable, some would say, impossible run to the championship game for All-Star level as a 5 seed. Beating the 2 seed and national HF Top 50 team, Shooters, in the first round. Then knocking off the 3 seed, national HF Top 50 team, Beast Tribe, in the semis. Edging two Top 50 teams in the nation in consecutive weeks.

They face the 1 seed and 25th nationally ranked team, Green Camel B.C. on Sunday in the championship. Can they make it a third HF nationally ranked team in 3 weeks? Check back and find out!
Blockbuster moves by Team Winners Only could shake up the landscape of the IBL!
Team Winners Only says next season is all or nothing. Making off-season moves that could catapult them to the top of the standings in California's IBL for seasons to come.
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HoopFigures National Top 25 Recap (Pro) August 8 2022
Upsets, dramatic victories, heart-breaking losses. Another week around the nation in the HoopFigures Top 25 Pro Level

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Trae Young, Dejounte Murray, John Collins - Atl Hawks take over Seattle (The Crawsover)
Spooky Season has returned. The Atlanta Hawks may be worth the price of admission this season! Their new big 3 is definitely going to put backsides in the arena but will it be enough to make another playoff run in 2023?
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HoopFigures National Top 25 Recap (Amateur)
A few upsets, a few dramatic jumps in the rankings, a couple teams making their first appearance in the Top 25... 'Tis the norm for the HoopFigures National Top 25 Amateur Recap!
Virginia All-Star Game 2022
Virginia All-Stars vs Hampton City All-Stars - HoopFigures Highlight Package | Trial Run | Quarter 2 2022
2022 NBA Playoffs - Best Plays
30 Minutes of Playoff action featuring the best plays from the #NBA75 postseason!
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NBA Summer League 2022
Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers - Full Game Highlights | July 12, 2022 NBA Summer League

 28 mins ago
Kerr Smith of Kai-yotes is the new all-time leader in total 3s!
on Winter Park Basketball League
 28 mins ago
Jesse Dingle of Kai-yotes is the new all-time leader in total rebounds!
on Winter Park Basketball League
 28 mins ago
Rayshon Gillespie of Downtrodden is the new seasonal leader for most 3-pointers in a game!
on Winter Park Basketball League
 28 mins ago
Ty Norman of Fistcal Year is the new seasonal leader for most blocks in a game!
on Winter Park Basketball League
 28 mins ago
Ty Norman of Fistcal Year is the new seasonal leader for most steals in a game!
on Winter Park Basketball League
 28 mins ago
Ty Norman of Fistcal Year is the new seasonal leader in triple-doubles!
on Winter Park Basketball League
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