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Unlimited data storage
Keep your stats, awards, game summaries forever. All the memorable moments.
Free Domain Name
Custom URL gives visitors an easy-to-remember web address to find your league. ($20 value per year)
Reduced Ads
HoopFigures Pro significantly reduces the amount of advertising on your site. Keep your site clean or choose to show your own ads.
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  HoopFigures Hf Pro
Pricing: Quarterly | Monthly
  Save up to 25%
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    25% off!
All Free Features (view See free features)
All the free features that has everyone saying "It's just like NBA.com"
Extensions (view See extensions)
Add to the free, built-in features and give your users an experience to remember
Unlimited Teams & Players
No hidden fees for teams. No hidden fees for players. No limit on amount of teams and players!
Unlimited Storage
Keep stats, awards, schedules and other data dating back to the start of your league.
Site Management    
Design Manager2
Upload logos, change website background, colors and more.

Facebook Integration1    
Awards Posts
Automatically shares awards and championships with your league member's friends
Game Posts
Automatically shares upcoming games with your league member's friends
Game Updates/Summaries
Automatically shares game updates and summaries with your league member's friends
League Promotion
Automatically promotes your league via posts on your league member's walls
Automation Engine    
Seasonal Awards
Automatically honors MVPs, Players of the Week, Rookie of the Year, All-League Teams and more.
All-Star Teams
Automatically honors All-Star teams for each season.
All-Star Games
Automatically creates All-Star games using selected All-Stars.
Awards Notifications
Automatically sends out email notifications to league members after awards have been selected.
Ad Management    
Hf AdServer (what's this? Earn money from your website!)
Show advertisements that you create throughout your site. Whether ads from your sponsors or from your own advertising programs.
Reduced Advertising
Significantly reduce the amount of advertising shown on your site. Showing more of the ads that you create.
Free Ad Spaces
Receive 2 free ad spaces with HoopFigures Pro. Control ads that show on your website.
($20 per month value)
Discounts & Specials    
One (1) Free Custom URL
Give visitors an easy-to-remember web address to find your league.
($25 per year value)
Yearly SSL
Teams & players can feel secure knowing your site is secured with the latest in SSL technology.
(approx. $60/year value)
One (1) Free Custom Page
Add blank pages to your website. Enter content yourself using a text editor similar to Microsoft Word.
($25 value)
Phone Support
Having trouble setting up? Let's schedule a walk-through.

* Prepaid for 1 quarter (3 months)
  1. Some features of the Facebook Integration have yet to be completed.
  2. Design Manager differs from Custom Design. Custom Design is a complete redesign of your website to your specifications. While the Design Manager allows you to change certain elements.
  3. Custom extensions include any new features in which development is required (ie. Custom Tournament Schedulers, Flash Banners, etc.).
  4. Extensions added using Extensions Credit are removed if Pro subscription is cancelled.

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