Moonlight Graham Milwaukee Summer Pro-Am
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Team Rankings are calculated using a formula designed to place great emphasis on a team's record against the top teams.
For example, taking 2 teams with same record, the team with a higher win percentage against the top teams will be ranked higher. As well as the team with the higher point differential against top teams given even greater consideration.
Player Rankings are calculated using a variation of the standard Player Efficiency Rating. However, adjusted slightly to place the same emphasis, if not more, on defense as offense.
For example, given 2 players averaging around the same amount of points, the player averaging more steals and/or blocks and/or rebounds stands a far better chance of being ranked higher.
Rankings are calculated based on the skill level of the division. A division can be designated as Amateur, Pro or All Star. Not to be confused with your parent league (ie. Tom's Basketball League). Tom's League can have multiple divisions within it (ie. 6' and Under, 30 and Over, Gold, etc.). So, for example, the Gold division can be designated as a certain skill level. You
So, for example, the 6' and Under division can be designated as 'Pro' skill level. You can also have a 6' and Under 'Amateur' skill level if you want.
All teams & players in a particular skill level are ranked within
that skill level.
Rankings are calculated every Tuesday, on a quarterly basis.
  • Quarter 1: January through March

  • Quarter 2: April through June

  • Quarter 3: July through September

  • Quarter 4: October through December
Rankings are not calculated the first two weeks of a quarter.
Teams & Players
must play in a
minimum of four (4) games by week 8
and / or
minimum six (6) games by week 11
of the quarter to be nationally ranked.
NOTE: While certainly not required, it is good practice to schedule seasons within a given quarter, for the purposes of quarterly rankings and quarterly National Awards.
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