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Payment Principles

The league rules outline the increased/expanded league organization and structure. Below are the updated rules and policies of the league. Please check back often and refer to the pdf version of the rules and guidelines as the pdf contains the most recent edition.


Payment Principles

of the

Basketball League



Basketball Operations Dept.

Director Name, Executive V.P. of Basketball Operations



1.       Full registration payment must be received either:

    A.      In full on or prior to the season registration deadline date.

    B.      If you cannot pay the full registration amount on or prior to the season registration deadline date, you may pay 50% of the full registration fee (including any accumulated league fees) on or prior to the deadline date and pay the remaining 50% prior to the start of your game during week 2 of the season.


A convenience fee will be charged for Payment Plan.


2.       Teams will not be scheduled for the upcoming season until a payment is received.


3.       If full registration is not received prior to the start of your game during week 2 of the season, your team will forfeit that game. After two forfeits, your team will be removed from the remaining schedule. NO portion of the initial payment will be refunded.


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