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HoopFigures websites already come equipped with tons of built-in features that set you apart from your competition.

We've included even more features!
Never before has one website done so much.

Optional feature available to customize your website League Images
Team Logos,
Season Logos,
& more.
Add style and appeal to your site with League Images -- various logos and photos throughout your pages that will definitely increase the overall look of your website.

Team Logos
Add a team logo for each team.

League Logos
Upload a different logo for each season of your league.

Team Sponsor
Upload a sponsor logo for each team.

Team Photo
Make players feel a part of something special with team photos.
Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
Optional feature available to customize your website LiveStats*
Play-by-Play Stat Entry
Play-by-play stat entry with real-time updates to your website. HoopFigures is the only website that seamlessly connects your stats entry to your website. Reducing man-hours and saving you money. Your website visitors see updates in real-time, as they happen. So if the game is in the 4th quarter tied at 63 with 8 seconds to go, your fans will know it.
*Application not compatible with tablets yet. Download the application by clicking here.
Download Hf LiveStats.
*You will not be able to log into the LiveStats application until your HoopFigures website has been created.
Optional feature available to customize your website Tournament Scheduler
Classic Scheduler
The Classic Tournament Scheduler is the most flexible scheduler provided by HoopFigures. Select x amount of guaranteed games for match play finalized by a single-elimination tournament. 2, 4, 8, or 16 teams from each conference are selected to the elimination rounds. Once elimination play begins your website will display the tournament brackets for all to see.

With match play games and elimination games being automatically generated, the only thing you will need to do is watch.

When HoopFigures says you-do-nothing, we really mean it.
Optional feature available to customize your website Custom Tournament Scheduler
Custom Scheduler
Have your scheduling software coded specifically for the way you run your tournaments. Stop spending money and time on different scheduling software that only do half of what you want it to do. Tell me your specific needs and I will code it accordingly.

Includes all of the same automation features as the Classic Tournament Scheduler.

You'll have your schedules out in minutes instead of days! Stop spending endless hours on scheduling, only to have a team cancel, then having to schedule all over again. Save time and use the HoopFigures Scheduler to quickly create your game schedules for a whole tournament in a matter of minutes.
Optional feature available to customize your website Season Scheduler
Season Scheduler
You already have the ability to manually schedule your games... but what if you had the ability to create an entire season in 1 click?? Think of how much time you would save. Leaving you to focus on more important league tasks. Your time is important, and the HoopFigures recognizes that.
  • Handle teams with game-time preferences
  • Set specific game slots for certain leagues
  • Set # of bye teams per week
  • Set # of games & weeks per season
  • more...
Optional feature available to customize your website Playoffs
Automated Playoffs
Managing your leagues has never been easier. Your website will automatically create playoff seeding, it will automatically create and populate playoff brackets as the games are completed, it will automatically send out emails to your players and coaches when new playoff games are automatically created. I just used the word automatically like 9 times in one sentence. Basically, all you have to do is show up at the gym.
Optional feature available to customize your website All-Time Leaders
The Record Books
Showcase the greatest players in league history. Allow your users to see the record holders in every statistical category. All-time record holders! Single-game record holders! Team record holders! Most triple-doubles! Most MVP selections! And more!!!
Optional feature available to customize your website Draft
With the #1 pick of the 2024 Draft...
Conduct your league draft like the pros. Make selections and have them displayed on your site in real-time. The Draft Extension gives coaches, players, and fans alike, an all-access pass to everything happening in your draft. It also includes the Owners Box where you can find information on the remaining players in the draft. Allowing GM's to make educated draft choices. From listing draftees round by round... to showing the Best Available by rank and/or position... to mini player draft profiles... the Draft Extension is sure to add a flare to your league that no other league can match. And remember, as the draft progresses your site is updated live, there are so many possibilities with this extension.
Online Registration
Take team registrations, single player registrations, and tournament registrations 24/7 from your website. Stop spending half your day chasing down registration forms.

Payment Processing
Take payments 24/7 from your website. We know your time is valuable. Take yourself completely out of the registration loop and free yourself up to concentrate on other areas of your league.

Online Store
Sell your products online. Store setup can be as simple or as extensive as you want it to be. Payment processing via your store is separate from the HoopFigures Payment Processing Extension. Payments can be processed through your store via PayPal, Authorize.net, or email.

Extended Stats
You already have the core stat tracking ability. Extend that to cover every major statistical category that the NCAA and NBA cover as well!

Offensive Rebounds
Defensive Rebounds
Personal Fouls

Online Invoicing
Store your payments in the database, see who has paid what and when, print off invoices and receipts with the click of a button. Completely integrated with your Online Registration and Payment Processing (if applicable).

Ad Server
Triple your league profits by serving ads on your website. Maximize your league's earning potential.
Learn more about HF Ad Server

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